Our Story


  • Established MaxCore Korea (Private Company).
  • Started with exporting medicine and medicine API.


  • Started to export Botulinum Toxin “Neuronox” of Medytox to Japan market.


  • Started to export cosmetic products to Japan, China and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Started to export Huons HA Filler “Ez-Ela” (later changed to Elravie) to Japan and Southeast Asian countries.
  • Started to export Hugel’s Botulinum Toxin “Botulax” to Philippines and Hong Kong, and also proceed the FDA license application in these countries.


  • Introduced and started exporting Medytox HA Filler “Neuramis” to China market and increase market share, also begin export to Japan market.


  • Obtained approval from the Philippines’ FDA for Hugel’s Botulinum Toxin “Botulax”.
  • Undergoing Taiwan FDA’s approval for “Botulax”.
  • Sales increased steadily for “Neuramis” in China market.
  • Established “MaxCore Global Co. Ltd.” (from Private Company to Corporation Company)
  • Started to export Medytox’ Botulinum Toxin “Neuronox” to Farmamondo (a long history traditional medical company in Switzerland)
  • Launched our first medical device product : “Corefill” Filler with Lidocaine


  • Launched our own cosmetic products : Super V-Line Sol., Premium PPC.C and Wellspot patch.
  • Medytox “Neuronox” and “Neuramis” export volume steadily increased.
  • Obtained Taiwan FDA’s approval of “Slidenafil ODF 50mg” of CTCBio.


  • Launched our own cosmetic product : “Corefill MTS Microneedle Patch” (HA Cross-Linked Patch)


  • Launched co-developed cosmetic product : “Cordelia Aqua MPS


  • Launched our own Botulinum Toxin product : “G-tox” and Anesthetic cream : The Cain


  • Launched our own medical device product : “BeadsMax 10ml” on April, and “BeadsMax 1ml” on June.
  • Upgraded packaging of  Super V-Line Sol., Premium PPC.C and Beads Max with Security QR code, prevent the risk of pirated.


  • Upgraded packaging of Beads Max 10ml, with CE mark.
  • Launched our new anesthetic cream : “LICARLO cream” on March.



  • Signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Needly cosmetic products with 2NK Group (Thailand).       
  • Succeeded in selling Needly cosmetic products online via www.needlythailand.com(Various products lineup: Microneedle Patch line, Skincare line including Cicachid new line, etc.)
  • Launched Needly cosmetic products into a major offline distributing channel in Thailand, Watsons.   
  • Launched our new anesthetic cream: "M-Cain cream".        
  • Beads Max Filler has successfully registered product licenses in Azerbaijan and Jordan.                                                                                                                                         


  • Beads Max Filler has successfully registered product licenses in Iran and Venezuela.


  • Beads Max Filler has successfully registered product licenses in Indonesia.