All About Us

Maxcore Global Co., Ltd.

          We of MaxCore Global, has exported medical/cosmetic products and medical devices to Japan, China, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian countries since established in 2010.

          “Happier life with needed medicines and cosmetic products at affordable prices” is our Company’s goal with considering the founder’s intent. The founder had worked in JW Pharmaceutical and HANALL Biopharma for over 20 years as manager/director of R&D and export team. As well as we are trying to the best to afford more opportunities to more people.

Supply of medicines and cosmetic products at affordable prices to needed people.

he emphasized.

          As one of these endeavors, our team has tried continually to analyze the market trend, customers’ needs and demand. We have participated the various Beauty Expositions, Fairs and Seminars, continuously to master the trend changes and consumer demand.

Moreover, we have endeavored to prepare market-leading and high quality products for customers on the base of accumulated experiences and trials.

          Maxcore Global consists of Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Malaysian members who have tried to perform their best in different business fields and areas and analyze the market changes and grasp the needs of consumers, also to provide the multi-effect and high quality beauty products to meet the market trends and various consumer demand.